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Car Duster Brush

Car Duster Brush

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Keep your car spotless clean all the time. It's so easy to do!

MULTIPURPOSE - Great for waxing, dusting, and wiping surfaces of cars, trucks, and boats. It also works very well for home cleaning jobs such as kitchen counters, tables, furniture, and more.  


Designed with wax-treated and lint-free microfibers that can easily attract and collect dust for effective cleaning. This provides high-quality and scratch-free cleaning on both the interior and exterior of the car.  

We have the ultimate auto detailing car duster to meet your cleaning needs. Wipe clean even the dirtiest, dustiest car in 1 minute with the Microfiber Telescopic Car Top Duster! 


Clean even the hard-to-reach areas of your car!

It has an extendable handle with foam grip so you can reach every corner for comfortable and convenient cleaning, preventing fatigue and wrist strain


 Made of stainless steel telescopic handle and soft microfiber for long-term performance. It's free from rust and corrosion.  


Made of super soft and fluffy microfibers and rubber lining that are sure to prevent any scratch or damage to your car's paint. It's safe for all paint jobs and finishes.   

CONVENIENT STORAGE - Retract the pole handle when you're done cleaning. It comes with a case for easy and space-saving storage. It's also hand-washable for easy cleaning.  

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